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Below will link you to CASE Payment Gateway for payment by PayPal or eNets. Please read the terms and condition before proceeding

Terms and Conditions
  1. CASE has ensured all payment gateways have been secured. CASE will not be responsible for any losses or damages caused to or suffered by the user of these payment gateways unless it is due to the gross negligence of CASE.
  2. Consumers are to read and follow exactly the payment guidelines of the individual department on the payment gateway page. CASE will not be responsible for any losses arising directly from any misuse or wrongly use of the payment gateway and/or the said guidelines.
  3. All transactions will be issued an acknowledgement slip. No further receipts shall be issued.
  4. All payments will be subjected to the processing of the individual financial institutions and the various charges to the credit and/or debit cards. For any transaction failure, please contact your financial institution.
  5. For Overpayment, please contact the CASE Accounts Hotline at 6461 1836 (Kenny) within 7 days of the incident. The refund process will be done in an acceptable amount of time. Any overpayment after 7 days will require you to visit us directly with the necessary transaction documents.

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