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All applications must be accompanied by relevant documents such as receipts, agreements, credit card slips, letters, etc.

Please complete the form below on details of your complaint and submit to us. After the officer assessed your case, if you need us to handle it, you will need to join us as a member, as we are an Association.

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No. Type of Membership Amount (GST inclusive)
1. Life $428
2. Family $32.10 per annum
3. Ordinary/Single $26.75 per annum

If a case is taken up by a CASE Officer an administration fee is charged according to the claims.
Please let our officers know if you are:
- You are a member of a Trade Union or Association that happens to be a CASE Institutional Member;

With effect from 1 January 2015, for the above, your admin and membership fee will be waived subject to you producing the necessary documentation proof.

Note: NTUC Link Card does not qualify you for a waiver.

If you are a staff of CASE Corresponding members, you will enjoy waiver of membership fee and only has to pay the necessary administration charges.

Administration Charges

No. Range of Claims Admin Fees (GST inclusive)
1. Below $5,000 $10.70
2. $5,000 to $10,000 $21.40
3. $10,001 to $20,000 $53.50
4. Above $20,000
[Every $10,000 or part thereof ]

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